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Hiring a contractor is a major investment for home and business owners here in Ocala-Marion County. The Marion County Building Industry Association (MCBIA) is a group of local contracting professionals and anxillary service providers dedicated to continually improving the building standards in our community.

Additionally, we work together to monitor and defend common sense regulations in order to help keep local homeownership affordable and attainable, as well focusing on giving back to our local community.

Hire a locally licensed contractor

When it’s time to choose your builder or remodeler, be sure to choose one who’s licensed. Not only will they bring experience to the table, they’ll bring integrity too.

A Note From Our Executive Officer

“This is a wonderful opportunity to continue growing an industry that has had such a positive impact on Marion County and the entire region,” said Rep. Stan McClain. “I’ve been building homes and light manufacturing equipment in Marion County for over 40 years, and I can speak firsthand to the intangibles of what we do, as we work side-by-side with our friends and neighbors. We build more than structures. We build a community.”